Bob Findlay...Blues Rock from Tasmania

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Welcome to my planet here in Tasmania. 

I am a one-man, multi-instrumental rock musician & songwriter. What started off as recording at home purely as an alcohol avoidance exercise in 2007 has progressed to having my music 'out there' for the world to experience.

I operate from a small mobile recording studio in Tasmania and my music has ended up being much more than was initially intended. I actually had no idea that I would have any impact at all in the online music world but the people & organisaations that I have encountered along the way is both humbling & at times overwhelming.

I like to make people happy. I consider myself extremely fortunate that I can achieve this by way of my music, which I also thoroughly enjoy. I view my music as a win-win situation.

I hope that you find my website an enjoyable place to be as that is what its' intent is. In no way do I intend to offend, upset or hurt anyone. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts & requests. I am always available to respond to your input.


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